Hot Plates: Michael McDonald at Burger & Beer Joint

You'll find women swooning at the bar at Burger & Beer Joint. It's not just the terrific burgers and duck-fat fries that have everyone gaga over this Miami Beach hot spot. It's also the good looks and humor of 31-year-old bartender Michael McDonald. He won't take his shirt off, but he'll definitely flirt and pour you a tasty cocktail. Maybe that's why "Handsome Mike" earns the big tips.

New Times: What are the sexiest cocktails on the menu?

Michael McDonald: We have some fun adult cocktails with names like Money Shot, Rug Burns, O Face, and Pop My Cherry.

NT: How often do women hit on you at night?

MM: It's pretty often. The women can be aggressive. The later the night, the further they crawl over the bar. I'm asked to take my shirt off, which I obviously can't do here.

NT: How do you handle drunken customers?

MM: I try to be polite and charming. I nonchalantly ignore them. The less attention you give them, the better off you are.

NT: Are women big tippers?

MM: Yes. My largest tips come from women. I sometimes get $100 tips from women.

NT: What do you think of women who eat burgers at the bar?

MM: I like a woman who eats. I like to eat myself. There's no shame in a woman pigging out.

NT: Describe the scene at B&B.

MM: It's a laid-back spot for locals. It's got a rock 'n' roll vibe and obviously the burgers are great.

NT: They call you "Handsome Mike" behind the bar.

MM: Yeah, I've heard that for the last few years. It's humorous.

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Jacquelynn D. Powers