Hot Plates: Brittany Smith at Sushi Samba

Brittany Smith is a long-legged blonde who struts around Sushi Samba while serving raw fish to Miami's most beautiful people.The 28-year-old is originally from Michigan but found a home on Lincoln Road three years ago. In her scanty black dress, the tall and svelte server can easily be mistaken for a model. And because of this, she's developed tactics to keep diners at a distance.

New Times: What is your favorite cocktail?

Brittany Smith: The Chu-Cumber at Sushi Samba. It's made with Japanese vodka, St. Germain, sour mix and sugar.

What is the sexiest item on the Sushi Samba menu?

The Kampachi Tiradito. It's prepared with truffle oil, yuzu and sea salt.

Do you get hit on at work?

Not too much. I have this diamond ring that I wear and while I'm working, I wear it on my left hand to avoid that.

What makes Sushi Samba sexy?

It's really trendy and always full of beautiful people. And it's all

about sharing your food here, so that makes it sexy.

What's your "type" of guy?

Tall. Thin. I don't really like muscles. I don't need to have a Latin man


How are the guys in Miami different from those in Michigan?

I'm going to say...the men here aren't looking for relationships.  They

just want fun nights.

Do you have any tattoos?

I have four. One on my wrist, a quote on my back, and then I have some

others in some more private areas.

Where is your favorite place to party in Miami?

Shore Club.

You're rather tall, have you ever modeled?

No. That's just not my style.

Sushi Samba

600 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.