Hot Plates: Amy Lee Frankian at Blue Martini

Amy Lee Frankian buys her customers shots. Then she bats her green eyes, cracks a smile, and twirls a few liquor bottles. Minutes later, enticed patrons request rounds for her and the rest of the bar. The scene repeats every night. The 25-year-old bartender is originally from Rhode Island. She moved to South Florida four years ago. Frankian consistently lures Mary Brickell Village dwellers to Blue Martini. She's a perfectly groomed prankster who serves up jokes and strong cocktails. And she does it all while wearing her ultra-snug baby-blue corset.

New Times: What is your favorite cocktail?

Amy Lee Frankian: Of course, the Blue Martini here. It's made with Van Gogh vodka, blue curaçao, Citronge, sour mix, and orange juice. I also like to drink vodka sodas with lime.

Do you get hit on while at work?

Of course. Yes. I've been proposed to a few times.

Tell us about your outlandish suitors.

This guy came in once. He was the ambassador of I don't even know where. And he offered me and another bartender $1,000 apiece to go out on his yacht for a few hours. He was handing us $100 bills all night.

How do you tame the creeps?

You can always spot the creepy guys. We tell them we will cut them off at the bar.

Do you get hit on by the ladies as well?

Yes. I just laugh it off and take a shot with them.

Do you drink with customers?

Yes. We take shots with them. It's part of our work ethic here. We make them buy us shots.

How do you get them to buy the shots?

I buy them a round first.

How do you wind down after crazy nights at Blue Martini?

I always take my dog Kali for a walk.

What is the best night at Blue Martini?

Wednesday nights. It's ladies' night.

What's your most insane memory working here?

One Saturday, the guys and girls that work here were playing pranks on each other. It got a little crazy behind the bar. That night got too crazy, too many shots. I shouldn't say more. We never neglect our customers, but we have a good time here.

Can you describe Blue Martini in one word?


Blue Martini
900 S. Miami Ave., Miami

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