Hot Plates: Ale Odriozola at Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

Meet Ale

Ordriozola, a curvy 24-year-old server at Sugarcane in Midtown. She once attracted attention at Meat Market on Lincoln Road, but has been with Sugarcane in Midtown since it opened in January. The curvy server of Venezuelan, Cuban and Peruvian descent makes her unisex uniform sexy, accenting it with a teal streak in her hair and funky accessories. She also keeps her Levi's snug and allows for the tattoo on her chest to peep past her crisp white collar. 

New Times: What is your favorite cocktail?

Ale Ordriozola: The Spice of Love at Sugarcane. It's made with muddled jalapeños, mango and passion fruit. It's spicy and sweet. What else could you want?

What is the sexiest item on the Sugarcane menu?

The Scallop Crudo. It's made with Fiji apple, scallops, minced black truffle, lime juice, lime zest and jalapeños. You feel all of the layers in your mouth, all of the different flavors. 

What do you think makes Sugarcane sexy?

The staff is sexy, the food is sexy and the décor is sexy. And you have to share everything.

Do you get hit on while at work?

Yes. But I disregard that stuff. I am happily taken. 

Do you have a tactic to keep patrons at a distance?

Hmmmm,yes. But it depends on their forwardness. 

What do you think makes Midtown stand out?

The fact that we are here. Midtown is more attractive and a reason to get off the beach. It's another option. The beach, la paso la epoca (the beach's time has passed).

Tell me bout your tattoos? 

I have four. Five birds near my clavicle, branches down my rib cage, a Celtic knot on my foot, and a flower on my wrist.

Does that streak in your hair change often?

It was purple. It's teal this week. 

Where do you like to party? 

Dude, I don't do anything. Sometimes I will make it to Lost Weekend or Purdy Lounge.

Next up in the Hot Plates Sugarcane edition, Short Order will feature Ordriozola's sassy serving parter Catalina Naranjo. 

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

3250 NE 1St Ave., Midtown


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