Hot Passion at Cafeina Wynwood Lounge

While it may sound like, and most likely is the name of a Web site that requires you to be over 18 to enter, Hot Passion is also the name of a wildly popular cocktail served at Cafeina in Wynwood. Since its opening this winter, the place has become recognizable for both its sweet mix of nightlife and art and killer bar options. And along with its café con leche martini, patrons can't seem to get enough of the Hot Passion. The drink gets its name from its surprisingly complimentary key ingredients, passion fruit and jalapeños.

Cafeina bartender Tiffany Reynolds says the combo is rare but is definitely appreciated by the locals, especially in the summer heat.

Here's how it's made...

Start out by placing a small jalapeño wheel and one lime into the bottom of a glass and then mix the contents as if you were making a mojito. The mixing will allow the jalapeño and lime to release the spicy and acidic juices. Fill the glass with ice, and throw in one cocktail jigger's full of Bacardi rum, followed by a splash of Cointreau.

Add in a jigger's worth of passion fruit puree (available at most grocery stores) to add a thick consistency to the drink. Then add a splash of freshly squeezed lime juice and another of "simple syrup," a.k.a. warm water and sugar. Give the glass a thorough shake and strain it over ice in a separate glass to remove any jalapeño remnants.

Throw a jalapeño wheel on the rim of the glass and get tipsy.

The drink's spicy kick is balanced out by the thick passion fruit puree. The infused heat also helps subdue the rum's strong taste, which is probably why the drink is so easily slurped.

"Jalapeno is the most common hot spice," says Cesar Romero, a Venezuelan who used to be the manager at Cafeina and came up with the idea. "I wanted to give it a kick."

297 NW 23rd St., Miami

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