Horse Killed in Miami Gardens, Does Black Market Horse Meat Cure AIDS?

Another horse killed and stripped of meat in similar manner to the 20 or so others so far this year was found murdered Wednesday morning in the ranch where it lived in Miami Gardens. Its throat was slit and two legs were removed. According to ABC it was the back legs, and according to the Herald it was the front legs.

An article in the Thoroughbred Times quotes Miami Gardens Police Sergeant Bill Bamford as saying that "the perpetrator slit Kin Kisi's throat and removed his front legs and intestines."

The South Florida SPCA adds a more graphic description to the mix. "Front legs severed and removed at the shoulders, his throat slit, his chest cut open with his intestines piled on top of his body.  Deep puncture wounds in his rump disabled him further before the kill."

An ABC News article posted yesterday on their website quotes source Richard Couto from the SPCA saying that "some nationalities" believe horse meat works as a cure for AIDS and cancer. This Palm Beach Post article references the same rumor. The AP stays middle of the road and goes the 'animal rights advocates think the meat is being sold to folks from other countries where it's a delicacy' route.

Short Order finds it no more morally wrong to eat horse meat than say cow, pig, chicken, or fish. However, the illegal, unregulated manner in which these horses are being slaughtered, not to mention that legally they are someone else's property, and the fact that foods and medicines they are fed or injected with make their meat dangerous for human consumption, plus the whole heinous backyard murder routine, and the monthly regularity, ought to place the black market horse meat story not only at epidemic levels, but in the national spotlight.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.