Hone Your Culinary Skills with Chef Alan Hughes

Ready for culinary boot camp? Former One Ninety chef Alan Hughes will be teaching eight three-hour classes in his kitchen starting March 14. The classes, limited to five students, will cover a range of topics starting with the basics.

In the first class, students will learn knife techniques, kitchen organization skills, purchasing and entertaining. You'll learn about sauces, stocks, stews as well as how to tell braising from searing. After class number two, you'll know how to prepare a seafood terrine with seared duck breast, tangerine gastrique and crème brulee. And by class number eight, you'll hopefully succeed at making a Gruyere soufflé. Let us just say, if you can master the soufflé, you'll be a top chef in your kitchen.

The classes are $60 each including ingredients. Plus after you work your behind off you get to sit back and enjoy lunch and wine.

Classes start at 11 a.m. and will take place every Sunday through May 2 at the chef's home in the Design District. Keep in mind you'll need to bring your own cutting board, chef's knife, paring knife and recipe cards. Email [email protected] to register and visit the chef's website for the full schedule of classes.

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Paula Niño
Contact: Paula Niño