Homestead's Pasadita Restaurant Serves Killer Taco via Drive-Thru

There are so many places in Miami that go undiscovered when you stick to the same tired old spots -- namely the Beach and Coconut Grove. (Can I include the Design District yet?)

One area worth exploring is the Dirty South. And one place you must visit is the Pasadita Restaurant off Campbell Drive in Homestead.

You can get fresh, savory tacos, decent prices, and guess what? There's a drive-thru!

The Pasadita offers a good variety of taco ingredients too. A la carte taco ($1.69) choices include: carne asada, al pastor, tongue, chicken, fried pork belly, carnitas, bistec a la Mexicana, ground beef, chorizo, and tripe.

Apart from the single taco selections, Pasadita offers special taco packs. Four tacos (ground beef or chicken) and a soda ($4.99) make a very filling meal.

As addictive as the tacos are, we highly recommend the burritos ($5.99). Burritos are available with all of the above fillings, but have beans, rice,cheese, onion, and cilantro inside the burrito as well.

624 N. English Ave., Homestead

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