Home and Abroad: Jonathan Eismann Dishes on Steel Drum Squid, White Russians and Spaghetti

Jonathan Eismann, Chef/Owner Pacific Time and Pizza Volante

Best Squid in Ho Chi Minh City, cooked over a fire in a old steel drum in the street, Best Pork Chops in history there, too.  Saigon Killer Pork Chops!
Best Chinese and Dim Sum at a place right next to the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok.
Best Sorbet at Chez Berthillon, Isle. Saint Louis, Paris.
Best Hot Chocolate is Jacques Torres: Holy Shit! this stuff is crazy!
Best Pizza... Mine! Pizza Volante in Miami!  Pizza Neapolitan in NYC is delicious.  Great pizza all over Brooklyn! (I grew up in Brooklyn, and there is more great pizza per square mile there than anywhere else in the world.  Enough said!  Sorry Chicago and Philly!  Also, Antica Pizzeria da Michelle in Naples, Italy... Perhaps its pizza marinara is one of the best single foods there is...  Perfect!
"Obsessions"?  Perfect Scrambled eggs, Organic Mozzarella form Vermont, Tuna fish sandwiches with olive oil, olives and capers, Great Sicilian Unfiltered Olive oil, Zagnut Bars, Fresh Lemonade, White Russians, Spaghetti, and when eating pizza, Coca Cola or RC Cola is a requirement.

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