Help Wanted: Flapjack Flip-Off X

Yes, I know, it's hard to believe. Not that my editor has permitted me to continue this self-indulgent farce of a contest for so long, but that I've been at the paper for more than a decade. Luckily I foresaw just such a possibility, and right from the start shrewdly insisted on an automatic cost-of-cat-food increase to kick in each year in the event of such an occurrence. But I digress.

In recognition of the brave new world of blogs and stuff, and the increasing sway they hold over the local dining scene, this year we are opening up the Flip-Off to your suggestions -- not just those of food bloggers (though that would be really appreciated), but also from the rank-and-file. Especially the rank. We might add that we're already aware of most of the obvious ones -- IHOP, S & S Diner, granola pancakes at the Front Porch...been there, syruped that. On the other hand, maybe what you think is obvious isn't. You'll figure it out.

Place your suggestions in the comments section, and I'll probably reply with a thank you and perhaps a sarcastic suggestion of my own. No, really, I won't do that. I swear. Matter of fact, to sweeten the stack, if I end up using your pick, I'll give credit in the review. (if you want to see what a Flapjack Flip-Off looks like, try #7).


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