Hedy Goldsmith and Josh Wesson: Sex and Desserts at SoBeWFF

When it comes to indulgences, sweet treats are at the top of the list for most of us. Alcohol comes in a close second. But pair the two together and we get a sugary, sexy, buzz-inducing treat.

We sat in on a Baking Out Loud seminar with Miami's dessert queen Hedy Goldsmith and wine guru Josh Wesson. They schooled us on how to pair desserts with libations. Sherry at noon Sunday? Don't mind if we do. If real school was anything like this, we'd have PhDs by now.

When it comes to the perfect pairing of sugary treats and spirits, we learned more than a little from the expert duo:

1. According to Wesson, there are four reasons people fall in love:

  • Sex
  • Sex
  • Contrasts
  • Similarities

The last two are also applicable to wine and dessert pairings. And maybe the first two, in a roundabout way.

2. Similarities cancel each other out. Sweet + sweet = less sweet.

3. Dessert wines are heavily perfumed and highly pleasant to the nose. Moscato is the fastest-growing wine category. Wines get drier when eaten with sweets.

4. Sweet wines should always pair with sweet desserts. Cabernets with chocolate work only when the chocolate is barely sweet.

5. Balance. Balance. Balance. Every pairing should be balanced. Sweet with bitter. Dry with wet, etc.

So take this knowledge and run with it. It'll come in handy. Promise.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.