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Heat vs. Mavs: Joe's Stone Crab Better Than Cholesterol-Filled Beef

The Miami Heat obliterated the Dallas Mavericks last night, busting Dirk Nowitzki's finger and pretty much ending the series in the first game.

But even more important: A bet between Joe's Stone Crab and the Dallas Chop House. A hundred pounds of fatty disgusting ribeye steak that will kill you before your 50th birthday versus 100 pounds of stone crab -- which is currently out of season, but what the hell, we'll send 'em the frozen stuff and it will still be better.

The bet was, of course, cooked up as a publicity stunt, pretty much so Steve Sawitz of Joe's could call it a "high steaks bet" -- a lousy pun that is only okay because LeBron James and Dwyane Wade so amazingly outclassed Nowitzki last night.

New Times hereby offers itself as a broker for other food bets. Name the restaurant in Dallas, and we will call them and bet the house... Heat backup Eddie House that is... Or maybe we'll think up some other dumb pun. We'll set up the best. Just give us ideas.

After the jump, find a copy of the release from Joe's.

Two great U.S. restaurant brands are set for a friendly challenge and wager in the spirit of fun and great competition as the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat are now playing a best-of-seven series of games starting May 31 in Miami.

Dallas Chop House will send the Miami Heat 100 pounds of Cowboy Ribeye natural steaks from Texas ranches to the Joe's Stone Crab culinary team in the event that the Miami Heat wins the series. The beef will be cooked for a special celebration at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami for a local charity, the Miami Heat, and restaurant guests in Miami.

Joe's Stone Crab will send the Dallas Chop House culinary team 100 pounds of stone crab in the event that the Dallas Mavericks win the series. The Florida seafood will also be cooked for a special party at Dallas Chop House for a local charity, the Dallas Mavericks, and restaurant guests in Downtown Dallas.

"Call it a friendly wager with a high steaks payoff," quipped Joe's Stone Crab COO Stephen Sawitz. He then promised, "When the Heat win, it's going to be my great pleasure to celebrate the city of Miami's victory by donating an awful lot of steak to one of our local charities."

"This is a fun way to bring our two cities and states together for some added competition for this great NBA Finals series between The Mavs and The Heat," said Dallas Chop House founder and owner and DRG Concepts parent company president Mike Hoque. "Let me just say that we're getting everyone's appetite ready for some wonderful stone crab to help charity in Dallas!"

As soon as the series winner is determined, the shipment of the food and the date for the special event will be planned and announced.
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