Heat Vs. Magic: Camarena Tequila Sides With the Disneyheads

​LeBron James's Miami Heat takes on Dwight Howard's Orlando Magic at the American Airlines Arena tonight in a game likely to prove whether the Heat can actually play with the big ballers. The team lost to the Knicks this week and is developing a habit of losing to top teams. 

How can Dwyane, LeBron, and company steady their nerves? Familia Camarena Tequila made its way to South Beach this week to offer a sampling of specialty cocktails.

But wait! What is this? Sabotage? The tequila company, we have learned, recently announced a marketing sponsorship with the Magic as an entryway into the Florida market.   
According to Gerard Thoukis, director of marketing for Camarena, "We are thrilled to tip off our entry into Florida with a world-class organization that values a world-class fan experience." 

What? So Miami doesn't have a world-class organization, and those Disneyheads do? Come on, nothing says world-class like Miami. Right?   

But hell. We went ahead and sampled the free Camarena cocktails provided by the company at the Sagamore Hotel Tuesday night, and they were delicious. There was the Camarena Silver Paloma, made with maple syrup, lime juice, and grapefruit Slice. We even learned to put the soda in after the ice. 

Wait! Doesn't paloma mean "dove" in Spanish? Why, those bastards are trying to get us drunk and then make peace with us. They are even talking about sending a Camarena food truck March 7 onto Miami's streets to distribute tequila-infused tacos. But more on that later. They might have entered our market and intoxicated us with their spirits, but tonight they can not have our win!

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