Heat-OKC Game 4: Head to db Bistro Moderne for Free Drinks, Game-Long Happy Hour

So the Heat won again last night and you are preparing for Game 4 tomorrow at 9 p.m.. When Shane Battier make his next three-pointer, and he will, you will want to shout. HELL YEAH DRINKS ON ME. Wait, you didn't mean that. Now you owe everyone in earshot a Red Bull and vodka.

This scenario will be less painful at db Bistro Moderne. At DB, the downtown gem, the NBA Finals are being honored with new specials during every game. Specialty cocktails are priced at $8 and extra food is available in the lounge due to extended, game-long happy hours. The deals aren't stopping until the final buzzer sounds.

Most importantly, however, If the Heat end the quarter on top, every patron receives a complimentary Zacapa cocktail. And in our book, that's exactly how we should be rewarded for our fandom. And for those Miamians who just stick around for the games to be a part of the craze, or who blatantly couldn't care less, DB gives you that incentive you needed to root alongside your more dedicated friends.

Simply put, if you agree that the NBA Finals should define happy hour, catch Game 4 at 9 p.m. on Tuesday at db Bistro Moderne at 255 Biscayne Boulevard Way.

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