Head to Jimmyz in Wynwood Saturday Night; Hispanic Heritage Month Ends Monday

If you want to finish off celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) with Puerto Rican pride, head to Wynwood. The hipster district was once the original neighborhood of the Puerto Rico immigrants in the 1950s. Clues can be seen in the names of its official buildings -- the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community Center, Jose de Diego Middle School, and the Roberto Clemente Park.

In the last few years, Jimmy'z Kitchen Wynwood has made a name for itself as the Puerto Rican hub of South Florida with people flocking to the tables from as far away as Homestead and West Palm.

"It is our honor to be able to host and be a part of this renaissance of the Puerto Rican traditions in the Wynwood Art District," said chef Jimmy Carey. "The Jimmy'z Kitchen family knows how important is for the South Florida Puerto Rican community to be able to celebrate their music, flavors, and customs. So we try every month to bring a bit of la isla del encanto to Miami"

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and their PR pride, Jimmy'z Restaurant will host its monthly Noche de Bomba y Plena on Saturday, October 13, starting at 7:30 p.m. The night started as an effort to bring back Puerto Rican traditions to the area and has drawn upward of 300 people in one night.

While there, check out their mofongo churrasco, a traditional dish from Puerto Rico made with garlicky plantains. Then, on Sunday, October 14, starting at 2 p.m., Jimmy'z will host its first ever torneo de domino (domino tournament). Keeping to Puerto Rican tradition, the tournament will be a double sixes tourney and will award the winner with a domino table and two cases of Puerto Rico's Madella which has only been available in the U.S. for a few months. If you want to compete, it's $10 to sign up and you can register at boricua.com.

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