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Hawa Fusion's Secret Ingredient: Crack?

Overheard during the lunch hour at Hawa Fusion on a random Thursday afternoon: "There must be crack in these things. I can't stop eating them!" Considering it our obligation to investigate, we asked the server what the outspoken gentleman nearby was devouring so enthusiastically. We were told the focus of his affection was something called a "tofu pocket," and we instantly doubted his credibility.

Sorry, tofu fans, but even a mention of that four-letter "t" word just turns our stomachs... or at least it used to.

For the sake of scientific research we had to order a serving of what seemed so poorly named yet so delicious. The verdict? OMFG the nearby diner had made the understatement of the year. These little bundles of joy comprise rice, macadamia nuts, avocado, and a choice of tuna (our fave), shrimp, crab, or Kobe beef and are wrapped in a light tofu-based crepe with an egg-like consistency and topped with shredded, toasted coconut. At $4 per pocket, it's a much cheaper and healthier option than any street drug, and much, much more addictive. (Note: Fortunately on Hawa's new menu the name was changed to "golden pockets." Order a batch of them then call us. We've already founded a support group.)

By the by, don't be alarmed if you haven't even heard of Hawa Fusion. It's a mere speck of a resto, located on a poorly trafficked corner off Giralda near Douglas in Coral Gables. The place only has about two dozen seats and, though it opened in January, its owner has shown incredible restraint with regards to advertising. But the rumor is it will be expanding soon and then the gloves come off.

​In the meantime, one peek at the new menu, complete with gorgeous photos of inventive sushi rolls often paired with prismatic salads, will entice you to grab a seat and start chowing. Chances are you can find us here on any given day, nibbling away at those pockets as if we were squirrels with the last chestnuts on Earth.

Hawa Fusion

30 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables


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Riki Altman