Have Bollito Misto at Salumeria 104 on Tuesdays

Miami winter is almost over, and we've barely experienced what it feels like to be cold. Does that mean we shouldn't get the pleasure of having winter food? Salumeria 104 doesn't think so. Chef Angelo Masarin likes simple and traditional Italian flavors. For him, no food is simpler than animal parts, which is why he loves cooking bollito misto and has dedicated every Tuesday to this dish. From now through April, you can indulge in the stew-like plate that hails from North Italy. Short Order was invited to taste it on a perfectly brisk Tuesday last week. Pictures after the jump.

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We suggest having a soup prior to the main course. On our visit, the soup of the day was minestrone. The meat is slowly boiled in a broth to exude all of its fatty flavor. It is then used as a base for the soups and risottos, which are some of Salumeria's specialties. We wonder if we now know their secret.

The dish includes various cuts of meat -- a whole hen, veal, beef, cotechino (boiled charcuterie), and beef tongue. Yes, beef tongue. Imagine going to first base with a cow. Chef Angelo Masarin says it's his favorite animal part.

The meat is served tableside from silver carts and cut specifically by Angelo. Don't be surprised if he gives you an elaborate description of the dish; he just wants to educate you. "Many people are unfamiliar with bollito misto, but in Italy this is the ultimate comfort food," he says. You'll learn that the meats are cooked in separate pots so the flavors don't get mixed.

Sauce is a big component of bollito misto, with as many topping options as cuts of meat. ThecChef's recommendation is to dab your meat with nothing but olive oil and sea salt. Adventuresome eaters can experiment with salsa verde and mostarda. Salsa verde comprises parsley, mustard, cocktail onions, cornichons, and capers. Mostarda features different fruits cooked in mustard essence and apple sauce. There's also horseradish to add to taste.

Nothing says comfort food like potatoes. As a side dish, mashed potatoes with cooked spinach is served. You'll forget you're eating at a restaurant and feel like you're in an Italian grandmother's house in northern Italy, where winters are cold.

Today's forecast calls for a low of 66 degrees. That's ideal bollito misto weather. Chef Angelo will tell you why.

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