Hate Slave Tomatoes? Call Chipotle and Demand They Stand Up For Florida Farmworkers Rights

How's that Chipotle burrito taste? Is there enough possibility of slavery in it? Care for a side of exploitation? Need a little extra sub-poverty wages in that?

Strange that Chipotle, a company whose corporate persona is built on their slogan of "food with integrity," refuses to partner with the Florida farmworkers union whose mission it is to insure it. The Coalition Of Immokalee Workers are famous for exerting enough pressure on big business to get Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Whole Foods and Bon Appetit to work toward establishing and maintaining humane standards in farmwork.

The CIW's latest campaign encourages you to call Chipotle headquarters toll free at 1-888-899-0017 and tell whoever picks up that you want Chipotle to stand up for Florida farmworker's rights and deliver on their "food with integrity" slogan.

The CIW guarantees that if Chipotle partners with them that the workers who pick their tomatoes will be treated fairly and paid a living wage.

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