Happy Hour at Wolfgang's Steakhouse: Get the Sliders and Other Shareables

Being single opens you up to hear a lot of stupid advice: you'll find love when you stop looking, go out by yourself so you are more approachable, and go to steakhouse bars to meet men.

We'll save you that bullshit, but if you happen to be at a steakhouse bar solo, then there is no better deal in town than happy hour at Wolfgang's. And, just saying, those sliders and chips are awfully easy to share with a new "friend" at the bar stool next to you.

The happy hour, 4 to 7 p.m. nightly, at Wolfgang's isn't well publicized and you may have to ask that delightfully surly seen-everything and heard-everything bartender to see that menu.

However, when you see the specials there are some can't miss and shockingly well-priced items. While you ponder your selections a big basket of homemade potato chips will arrive to keep you company.

For happy hour there are beers ($5), house wines ($8) and a collection of specialty cocktails for $12.95, but the best deal are the two signature cocktail listed for $9. We recommend the Morning Manhattan with Jim Beam, sweet vermouth and orange juice. It's nothing too special but it does the job and fits the setting perfectly perched on the long wooden bar as you cling to the martini glass.

You really come here for the food, and the beef in particular. During happy hour you can get three steak sandwich sliders or two burger sliders for $8. The burger sliders are out-of-this-world and beyond-the-bun with USDA prime beef patties sandwiched on a brioche bun with melted cheddar, Russian dressing and a mountain of fries. It is one of the best tasting cheeseburgers in Miami and two of them plus fries is a full meal.

If you want another protein, there are three lobster sliders, three servings of tuna tartare, six baked clams or fried calamari all for $8.

If you want dating and dining advice, which I am sure you are not asking for, this is a win-win situation. You can either have a fantastic filling meal solo in a premiere steakhouse without breaking the bank, or if you meet someone nice at the bar you can easily share your food without skimping too much on your own portions.

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