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Halloween Spirits and Hitchcocktails at RA Sushi

Growing up doesn't mean you have to grow out of the fun escapades this October 31. Trick or treat yourself to some Halloween cocktails this year. Keep the costume and mischievous appeal and head on over to RA Sushi Bar in South Miami for a 'Grape Ghoulade,' 'Manic Mango,' or 'Sinners Sangria'!

Short Order spoke with RA's beverage director Alex Summer to get a peak into the creepy creativity behind the drinks and hear about the festivities and deals planned this year for Halloween.

New Times: Tell me about the cocktail names and who came up with them?
Alex Summer: As beverage director, I came up with these creative and delicious Halloween-themed cocktails. The Manic Mango is mixed with Bols Pumpkin Smash liquer and Mango Schnapps, the Grape Ghoulade has Three Olives Grape Vodka and lychee juice, and the Sinner Sangria has Merlot, Sake and Blackberry Brandy.

Why those specific ingredients?
We chose those ingredients because we think they best represent Halloween. We played around at the bar, used unique flavors and ingredients that usually aren't mixed together, and came up with these tasty potions. Our guests love them!

Courtesy of RA Sushi
Mango meets Pumpkin in this delicious Halloween cocktail
What flavors remind you of Halloween and Fall?

pumpkin flavored is very representative of fall. I also think of spices

during this time. We're going to have a great "pear" of drinks next

month, actually. Throughout November, RA Sushi will be serving The

Perfect Pear of seasonal cocktails infused with the crisp flavors of

fall. They will include the Pear Martini and Asian Pear Smash, available

for $8 each. The Pear Martini tastes like a bite of fresh, ripe pear,

with an added kick. The Asian Pear Smash is a lightly spiced and

refreshing cocktail bursting with fall fruit flavors. I'm looking

forward to mixing up one of these cocktails for a Thanksgiving feast.

Do you guys have Halloween deals?

on October 31, from 8 p.m. to close, we will have 'Boo Bite Specials' like

'Vampire Shrimp and Spider Rolls' for $6 and $8 respectively. We'll

offer our 'Potent Potions' which we mentioned before like the 'Sinners

Sangria' and 'Manic Mango.' There will be a special guest DJ spinning a

haunting mix of beats all night long, and there will be a costume contest

with a first place prize of a $100 RA gift certificate.

I really like the sound of that mango pumpkin cocktail. How do you make your Manic Mango?

a tall glass add one ounce each of Absolut Mango and orange juice, then

add a .5 ounce each of Bols Pumpkin Smash liquer and Mango Schnapps.

Pour in a .25 ounce of grenadine, then top it with soda and you have one

eerily delicious drink. You can garnish with an orange slice and

red-vine licorice.

When someone drinks these Halloween cocktails they'll immediately think [fill in the blank]?
How much fun you can have with Halloween!

Courtesy of RA Sushi
Grape Ghoulade with goblin-like eyeball made from lychee and blueberry
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