Halloween on Lincoln Road: Ghoulish Scenes From a Restaurant

Thousands of superheros, vampires, zombies, and sexy pirates walked Lincoln Road last night for Miami's biggest Halloween celebration. Restaurants were decked out in black streamers and spider webs, with some putting skeletons in charge of the hostess stands. Not an empty table could be found, as devils, wenches, and SWAT team members hunkered down for the night at their prized restaurant spots to watch the parade.

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At the Cafe at Books & Books, a table of about a dozen assorted characters played "Halloween Olympics," using a numerical system to grade the costumes as they passed. The best costume of the night according to the judges? Ursula the Sea Witch, complete with a giant tentacle skirt that could engulf her prey.

Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Here's a friendly kitchen tip for these two: Stay away from the hot oil.

These guys? They're just a couple of dicks.

Kudos to the Frito Bandito for excellent use of props.

Her name was Lola; she was a showgirl.

Pretty easy to see who's pulling the strings in this relationship.

OK, we get the son of God, a rock God, and a Goddess... but what's with the farm boy?

Awww... Honey Boo Boo Child's all grown up.

Ice Ice Baby...

Halloween on Lincoln Road was catered by celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

A stunning tribute to the famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Who need to go to Rio to celebrate Carnival?

Frida Kahlo looks lovely.

Whatever this was...it was part fabulous and part scary.

When bad things happen to good Disney princesses..

Fierce Polynesian God or Fantasy Fest extra? You decide.

Zombies in love. You may now bite the bride.

Betcha this bitch got married for the bone...china.

And now for a creepy flashback to your unhappy childhood...

Yes..there were skidmarks on the back.

Baby's first Halloween.

Judging the costumes.

Ursula, the Sea Witch got the vote for most creative costume.

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