Hakkasan Open for Business

Hakkasan, a Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant with locations in London and Istanbul, held quite an opening bash Saturday night at the Fontainebleau. Three quick impressions:

1. The decor, much like the Hakkasan in London, is exotic, romantic, stunning -- long, creatively lighted bar and a series of small dining sections illuminated by lanterns and separated by moucharabieh (screens) of ebony-tinted walnut, intricate lacquered latticework, and hand-carved decorative teak panels.

2. Distinctive cocktails, including the signature Hakka -- a blend of vodka, Kubota sake, lychee juice, lime, coconut, and fresh passion fruit. Dee-lish.

3. If the cuisine at the party is any indication (and of course it is), Hakkasan is going to be an invaluable addition to our dining scene. A few of the passed snacks snatched: shrimp on garlic toast, duck egg rolls, braised short ribs (amazing), assorted steamed dumplings of astonishing delicacy, and Peking duck carved and rolled into mini-pancakes with celery, scallion, hoisin, and beluga caviar.

Alan Yau is the restaurateur behind Hakkasan; helming Miami's kitchen is chef Wen Ten Sian, formerly of My Humble House restaurant in Beijing. Chef Wen will execute Yau's traditional Cantonese classics and house specialties "reinterpreted for a contemporary palate." Menu highlights will include stir-fry rib-eye black pepper beef, crispy duck salad, tea-smoked jasmine chicken, and roasted silver cod in Chinese honey and champagne. Wines are globally sourced and categorized into Purity, Terroir, and Curious Vines.

Hakkasan is open daily for dinner starting at 6 p.m. If you like Chinese food, call now -- like right away -- for reservations: 786-276-1388.

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