Gumby's Creator, Art Clokey's 90th Bday: Five Gumby Food Cartoons

Art Clokey, the creator of Gumby and his horsey sidekick Pokey, would have been 90 today. Clokey spent more than 50 years perfecting claymation and stop-action film techniques.

Kids just cared about Gumby and Pokey.

Clokey died in January, 2010 at the age of 88. He asked that contributions be made in his name to the National Resources Defense Council. His son, Joseph Clokey, was quoted in the LA Times as saying,"Gumby was green because my dad cared about the environment."

To honor Clokey, we've collected five of the best Gumby films in which Gumby and Pokey get in trouble with food.

5. Gumby and Pokey In the Dough: In this episode, Gumby and Pokey bake a pie, only to find out that pies are evil ... really evil.

4. Gumby Goes to Chinatown: Gumby and Pokey get interrupted during lunch by royal guards yielding swords and get put in a cage. Fun for all.

3. The Turnip Trap: Gumby's friend Prickle hatches a plan to trap some turnips... because that's what all little clay dragons eat, apparently.

2. Haunted Hot Dog: Gumby and Pokey drive up to a haunted house, where they meet a ghost who's really a meat-thief.

1. Pumpkinland: When theGumby family goes to Pumpkinland, Pokey sneaks off and eats too much, taking the phrase you are what you eat literally.

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