Guide to Thanksgiving Takeout

If you're so over slaving over a hot stove for hours to feed your ungrateful family - there's always takeout. Less fuss, less mess and the convenience factor leaves you free to partake in day drinking and football shenanigans.

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Miami has plenty of options as far as gourmet eats for Turkey Day. Here's a roundup of the best grub available around town.

Epicure Gourmet Market:

Miami Beach's gourmet market has an all-star lineup as far as edible options for the big day. Chef Michael Love's menu includes an opening course option, a salad course option, a main course option, side selections and a dessert course. Selections include everything from asparagus vichyssoise and portabella soup to red "INCA" quinoa salad and roasted brussel sprouts. The dinner runs $65 per person, and includes a coffee and tea selection, assorted homemade dinner rolls and pumpkin cornbread. They also offer chef, server and bartender services for those who really want to be wined and dined.

Whole Foods:

Whole Foods' Thanksgiving menu offers a vast array of items for uninspired chefs. And if you're looking for sustainable, environmentally friendly, humanely raised eats - they're your best bet. They'll do cheeses, cheese platters, olive platters, caviar, seafood platters, bread, a la carte entrees and all kinds of pies and desserts - as well as a range of dinner packages. They've got the gamut, from the Basic Turkey Dinner option that includes a whole roasted turkey with turkey pan gravy, sourdough sage stuffing & cranberry orange relish for $119.99 to the Deluxe Dinner featuring spiral ham with Harry's Hellacious Ham Glaze, a whole roasted turkey, turkey pan gravy, sourdough sage stuffing, cranberry orange relish, green bean casserole, home-style mashed potatoes and roasted root vegetables for $229.99. And for the laziest of hosts - you can even place your order online.

Fresh Market:

This airy, aromatic market is a go-to for pre-made edibles and fresh fruits, veggies and meat. Unsurprisingly, they've also got the whole works when it comes to Turkey Day. Their traditional dinner includes a cooked turkey, three pounds of traditional stuffing, three pounds of Yukon Gold whipped potatoes, turkey gravy, cranberry relish and a dozen soft yeast rolls. It serves six to eight and costs $79.99. They've also got baked brie, manicotti, stuffed cabbage, coconut cake and all sorts of other options.


It may not have the sex appeal of Whole Foods - but Publix can still put together a tasty feast. They serve up everything from chicken drummettes and Cubanitos to fruit and cheese platters and sushi. They've also got dips, bread, cakes and entrees from rib eye to honey baked ham. Their dinner packages feature a turkey, cornbread dressing, homestyle mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry-orange relish. A regular dinner is $39.99 and serves seven to 10, and a large dinner is $79.99 and serves 14-18.

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