Guacamole Ice Cream? Oh Yes, Rosa Mexicano Can Do That

Rosa Mexicano is celebrating the dog days of summer with a festival dedicated to everyone's favorite melty treat, now through September 4. They've even reincarnated the famous guacamole in ice cream form. Strawberries replace peppers, chopped mint instead of cilantro -- and it's prepared table-side, just like the original.

Since the "Flavors of Mexico" series usually revolves around holidays and Mexican festivals, we wondered if there was a special significance behind Rosa's festival of everything ice cream. But Chef David Sloane (the Regional Executive Chef here in Miami) states quite simply that they love the stuff. "There is no better way to beat the heat in August, especially here in Miami, than with ice cream."

Turns out the Ice Cream Festival at Rosa Mexicano is one of

their most popular "Flavors of Mexico" offerings. The best part for Chef

Sloane is reinventing menu classics in frozen form. "Every year we have

the chance to create new and unique ice cream and sorbet flavors,

featuring authentic Mexican ingredients." Turns out that translates into combinations like piloncillo (unrefined brown sugar that they've been using in Mexico for the last 500 years) ice cream with chunks of carrot cake and smoked cashews, and toasted marshmallow with a Mexican chocolate swirl and canela (that's cinnamon) crumble.

Get a first hand glimpse of ice cream making in action on Saturday,

August 20, at 10 a.m.

For $30, you'll get a three-course lunch served family-style (kids $15)

and a cooking demo; the line-up includes a blood orange, carrot and

mango sorbet sundae, as well as chocolate crepes with Mexican corn

truffle ice cream, and Negra Modelo with candied bacon. Space is limited, so you'll have to

call and make a reservation, both the Brickell and SoBe locations are participating.

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