Graze Delivers Portion-Controlled Snacks Deskside for $6

Few things can make being chained to a desk all day enjoyable. Most of us stare at the clock until one of the most exciting parts of our day rolls around, lunchtime. There's nothing like taking a break to enjoy last night's leftovers or that sandwich you had delivered from the joint down the street. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones who actually get to step out of the office every once in a while. While we love lunch as much as the guy in the next cubicle, there's something else out there that can make the workday a little bit brighter: snack time.

You may have heard of Graze, a snack box delivery service launched early last year that sends healthy, portion-controlled edibles across the country.

You can choose between two box types: nibble or calorie counter. Nibble has more snacks to choose from, and although some have a higher calorie count, all are cleared by the Graze nutritionist and have a relatively healthy profile.

The first nibble box comes with salted pistachios, pizza-flavored snack mix, a dried berry blend, and fruit & seed bars. Once registered on the site, you can take a look at all the snacks it offers and designate whether you want to try it, love it or want to trash it. Bites range from chocolate covered nuts and spiced sunflower seeds, to chips and salsa and special popcorn. All are labeled with respective nutritional benefits like high fiber or protein, low cal, and good source of vitamins and minerals.

The price is $6 a box. You can get it delivered weekly, biweekly or opt to skip shipments. The package is small and can fit in most mailboxes. We'd recommend getting it sent straight to the office.

So go ahead and take that $1 you're about to spend on that daily trip to the vending machine and visit graze.com instead.

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