[photo courtesy buymiraclefruit.com]

Grass Restaurant Hosts Miracle Fruit Party for Dems - Have Faith, and Ye Shall Taste!

You want change you can believe in? This evening, Grass Restaurant and Lounge will host Changing the Flavor of Politics – a fundraiser that benefits the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. Witness your palette change before your eyes, or rather on your tongue. Upon entry, every person gets a berry from the Miracle Fruit Plant from West Africa. This berry modifies your palette, so that all bitter and sour foods taste sweet, and sweet foods taste, well, um, different. A full array of treats – such as pickles, lemons, hot sauce, strawberries, and hot peppers – will be offered to show the difference in flavors.

The party runs from 6 to 7:30 p.m., and costs $100 per person or $180 per couple. To purchase tickets or RSVP, go to www.miamidadedemocrats.com or call 305-477-4994.

And check out New Times' article on Miracle Fruit here.

-- Michelle Centrone

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