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Grass-Fed Filet Mignon Burgers at Metro Bistro

Metro Bistro  is the new and 13th addition to the MiMo District's restaurant row on Biscayne Boulevard between about 50th and 77th streets.

Bistro is a new restaurant at a familiar location, the Karma Car Wash compound, next door to Dogma. The menu is "all organic," and the yelp response is positive.

Here are what a few customers said:

Amber D. - Now I'm not a fan of chicken sandwiches, I really don't like them. Metro's chicken sandwich is another story. The BEST chicken sandwich, I have EVER had!

Marcos R. - Anyway the new Bistro serves up some good food, wine, and beer with lots of outdoor seating AND they're dog friendly. I'm hoping they'll introduce a happy hour to offset those $7 beer prices.

Ramon C. - Today I had the delight of having the their burger, which is made of Ground Grass-Fed Filet Mingnon and its served with french fries. I added a slice of Fontina cheese to experience something different than our tried and tested cheddar.

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Check out Metro Bistro and 12 other restaurants at the Taste of MiMo on Saturday May 2, 2009.

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