Gourmet Leftovers, Pierogi Trucks, My Challenge To LeBron

That's Right Lebron, I'm Talkin' To You
As reported by Lesley Abravanel, LeBron James gave Barton G. some tweet love, writing that it "has the BEST presentation of food, drinks and dessert I've ever seen in my life".

Listen up, LeBron: I'll go one-on-one against you in restaurant reviewing anytime, anywhere. I'm waiting...

Like, For Instance, A Pierogi Truck
So let's see, there's Mr. Yum, Wok Town, Sakaya Kitchen, American Noodle Bar, 2B, and Gigi. I think we've got the casual, affordable Asian thing covered. Now how about something from Ethiopia, Poland, or Sweden? (I mean besides the cafeteria at Ikea.)

Lukewarm Leftovers
Now the strategy behind Condé Nast closing down Gourmet has come to light with the announcement that the publisher will produce three "special edition" magazines culled from recipes that have already been published in old Gourmet magazines. And the strategy is this: Why pay a staff to produce a publication when you can just recycle old stuff and sell it under the same title as if it was new? The musty recipes will be "freshened up" with modern photos and wine tips, but this is still a bit too much like a used car salesman repainting a jalopy and manipulating the odometer.

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