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Gotham's New Lounge Kicks Off With Wine Specials

The new lounge at Gotham Steak is celebrating its recent opening with a wine deal lasting until the end of June. Sommelier David Mokha (named Sommelier of the Year for 2010 by Food & Wine magazine), has selected 50 wines from the extensive list to be discounted by fifty percent. The label selection covers a wide price range (from $18 to $150), so there is something for everyone's budget, which we truly appreciate. Great excuse to grab some friends post-work and experience Gotham's makeover.

The restaurant is going for a "sexy" vibe, and the frequent dropping of the word on their website really drives that point. They have converted the upstairs space into a dining area that feels more more bar-esque -- the white tableclothes are gone, the lighting is lower, a bit more of a "mood" has been established. Open from Wednesday through Saturday evening, The Lounge, as it is now called, has an in-house DJ on staff as well as highly shareable menu in much more relaxed surroundings.

Plates are now offered in small ($12 to $19), medium ($14 to $24) and entree sizes ($19 to $58), and a raw bar will dole out the usual chilled seafood items, oysters, shrimp, etc., at market pricing. They have taken into account the fact that as upscale lounge-y as it may be, people are drinking and expect bar food. Crispy chicken wings ($18), ham and cheese croquettes ($12) and the "Gotham Burger" ($24) will fulfill that need nicely.

The rest of the line-up is reflective of the main dining room; although Chef Portale and Chef De Cuisine John Suley created a "new menu" for The Lounge, most items are stolen from the main dining room's selections. It's really more of an extension menu, with mushroom risotto, crab cakes, bbq ribs, even the Scottish salmon with braised leeks - all overlapping from the regular menu.

Bottom line, it's expensive, because it's in a big, pretty hotel for visitors with expense accounts and vacation dollars to spend. But for foodies seeking a happy hour that rises above the usual buffalo wing and beer level, The Lounge is a good summer spot, particularly while this wine deal lasts. When tourist season once again begins, well, that's another story.

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