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Got the Late-Night Munchies? Brickell Does, With New Colombian/Venezuelan Fast-Food Restaurant

The Brickell neighborhood now has another reason to pig out on tasty burgers and dogs with a Latin twist: The Munchies at Brickell.

Down the street from Colombian restaurant La Moon, which has held a monopoly on this cuisine on SW Eighth Street, the Munchies opened Saturday night. It offers a menu of flavor-packed, special-sauce-doused (five, to be exact), and ingredient-stacked Venezuelan and Colombian fast-food favorites.  

Owners Jorge De Piña Jr. and Carlos Lopez have a beer and wine license and offer table service. What might be best about the Munchies is its fun, fast-food feel, complete with a cute brand mascot (a redheaded cartoon boy yet to be named). The restaurant operates from a small counter-only space, with seating available at Chicken Grill next door. (There is a business relationship as well.)

Breakfast from 7 to 11 a.m. includes smoothies, shakes, and healthful muffins. From 11 to 2 a.m., the menu shifts to "Munchies Dinner and Late Night Munchies" such as Munchies Steak and Cheese Sandwich (special bread, steak, cheese, Munchies Herb or Munchies Spicy sauce; $8.95) and Munchies Pincho Mixto (chicken, beef, pepper, and onions served with arepas or baked potato with Munchies Herb sauce; $7.75). There are also  "Signature Late Night Munchies" such as salchipapas (sausage with French fries; $4.75) and arepa con chorizo (pancake with sausage; $5.75.) Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the restaurant shifts into late-night mode; it's open until 6 a.m., with delivery available at all


In January, weekly events will include karaoke nights, speed dating, Sunday NFL playoff games, winetastings, cigar nights, and -- yes, that's right -- Brickell's first hookah bar, on the patio. Follow the restaurant on Facebook and Twitter.

The Munchies at Brickell
250 SW Eighth St.

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Jackie Sayet