Gong Show Returns

Remember The Gong Show? Talentless hacks interrupted in mid-performance by a huge, cruel gong, signaling to the whole world the imminent and permanent separation of the hapless artists from the airwaves (and from their egos)? The concept is back at Dada’s (52 N. Swinton Ave), every Monday night at 9:30.

Dada has always been a good place to risk bad art: if you don’t like what’s happening on “stage” (really a little patch of bare floor in what used to be a living room), you can wander outside to sip your martini under an umbrella in the font yard, or spoon ice cream with fresh fruit on a couch on the porch, or stroll around to the garden off to the side of the building where the real drinking happens (Dada has a three page martini menu — we suggest the Nuts ’n’ Berries, which actually tastes like nuts ’n’ berries). The food’s good, too. Call 561-330-3232 for more info.

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--Brandon Thorp

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