Go Meatless This Thursday for Meatout

There's no question that plant-based eating is on the rise, with everyone from Al Gore to Beyonce giving veganism a go. And from farm-to-table eateries to frozen meat substitutes, it's becoming increasingly easier to make with the herbivorous eating.

So how about ditching your meat-diction for one day and helping save 8,000 lives?

Each year since 1985, Farm Animal Rights Movement (with the appropriate acronym, FARM) has hosted a Meatout, an international event designed to help folks evolve into a "wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains." And it's happening this Thursday, March (aka the first day of spring).

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The idea of the event is to draw attention to health-related issues stemming from meat consumption, the plight of farm animals and environmental concerns: the big three when it comes to swearing off animal products.

While there are no on-site events being hosted in Miami (bummer), you can still stay true to the spirit of the event and just say no to bacon on your breakfast sandwich. By taking the Meatout pledge, you can help save 8,000 lives (yes, animal lives).

"The benefits to exploring a vegan diet are many," says FARM executive director Michael A. Webermann. "First of all, leaving animals off the plate (at least some of the time) goes a long way towards fighting the rampant animal abuse that the vast majority of Americans object to. Secondly, the United Nations and other authoritative sources cite a reduction of meat consumption as essential to solving global warming and other environmental crises. And last, but certainly not least, replacing animal-based proteins with plant-based ones cuts down cholesterol and reduces one's risk of diabetes and many cancers."

So basically, anything you can do to push the meatless cause on Thursday is a welcome effort -- it'll be good for you, good for animals, good for mama earth.

Check out the global event on Facebook for more deets.

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