Go Cork Yourself

A cool new website launched this week helps readers identify local restaurants that operate with a BYOB policy, and also provides the establishments' wine policy and corkage information. Southeast Florida is one of ten metropolitan areas covered by GoBYO.com. The free online service also provides direct links to restaurant websites, a "Find Reviews" function that automatically customizes a Google Web search for reviews of a particular restaurant, and a function to make reservations through OpenTable.com. Plus it gives prices of wines, how many are served by the glass, and a list of State BYO regulations for Florida.

Devon Segel, DiningInfo CEO, (of which GoBYO.com is a subsidiary) says that company surveys show "a distinct upward trend in BYO-friendly restaurants", and that "A growing number of consumers base their discretionary spending upon affordability. The tipping point between deciding whether to eat out, or stay at home, is often based upon whether or not a restaurant will allow them to bring wine, and the corkage fee, if any." In short: You can save money when dining out by bringing your own bottle(s) of wine. Over 1650 restaurants are listed from Southeast Florida that will allow you to do so. 

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