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Food Organizations to Support on Give Miami Day 2022

Food Rescue US volunteer Rachel Unger with a Whole Foods Market haul
Food Rescue US volunteer Rachel Unger with a Whole Foods Market haul Photo courtesy of Ellen Bowen
It's a week before Thanksgiving and many of us are busy shopping for groceries, decorating the house, and deciding who has to pick Aunt Edna up at the airport.  But while some of us are entering the season of eating, drinking, and shopping to excess, many Miamians are wondering if they can put any food on the table.

If you want to make a difference in a neighbor's life, consider participating in Give Miami Day. Give Miami Day began in 2012 and is now an annual community-wide movement.

Since that first year, Give Miami Day has raised more than $80 million for more than 1,000 participating nonprofit organizations. 

The one-day event, which runs through midnight tonight, Thursday, November 18, asks the public to log on to the Give Miami Day website to donate to several local charities.

Give Miami Day is hosted by the nonprofit Miami Foundation as part of its mission to promote philanthropy throughout greater Miami. The foundation and others will match many donations.

Participating nonprofits include those in categories such as the environment, animals, arts and culture, faith-based, and community support.

Below, listed alphabetically, is a list of organizations that help members of our community by offering food and education predominantly. Other organizations also provide food pantries as part of their services. You can find a complete list of organizations participating in Give Miami Day here.

305 Feeds
This organization helps feed the local Miami community, as well as hospitality workers in need.

Be the Change South Florida
Be the Change South Florida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping feed multiple underserved communities throughout South Florida using rescued and donated food items that are nearing their best-by date.

Bridge to Hope
Bridge to Hope offers support in the way of food and other essentials.

Buddy System

Buddy System fights food insecurity by creating innovative ways to engage the Miami community and provides access to free, healthy food.

Build a Better Tomorrow
The Build A Better Tomorrow organization distributes nutritious food to underserved and under-resourced communities in South Florida.

Coconut Grove Crisis Food Pantry
The food pantry provides weekly groceries to those in need in the local community.

Common Threads

Common Threads is a national nonprofit that provides cooking and nutrition to children and families to encourage healthy eating habits.

Curley’s House of Style
Curley's House of Style serves very low-to-moderate-income individuals and families by providing them with bulk food products; clothing; furniture; and health and nutrition information pertinent to their daily life challenges and food insecurities.

EatWell Exchange
The exchange provides nutrition education with a focus on culture to improve the health status of low-socioeconomic populations while increasing knowledge, access, and affordability of healthy foods.

Farm Share
Farm Share picks up fresh fruits and vegetables from Florida farmers to redistribute that food to neighborhoods and communities in need throughout all 67 counties in the state of Florida.

Feeding South Florida
Its mission is to end hunger in South Florida by providing immediate access to nutritious food, leading hunger and poverty advocacy efforts, and transforming lives through innovative programs and education.

Florida Impact to End Hunger
Florida Impact to End Hunger helps communities maximize access to federal, state, and local food and nutrition programs with a focus on Florida's most vulnerable populations.

Food Rescue U.S.
Through the use of app technology, the organization is committed to reducing American food insecurity, food waste, and the amount of decomposing food in landfills by directly transferring fresh, usable food that would have otherwise been thrown away from grocers, hotels, restaurants, and other food industry sources to shelters, soup kitchens, and food-insecure families throughout the United States. It launched in Miami-Dade County in 2018 and provides about 110,000 meals per month.

Good Samaritan Meals
Good Samaritan helps feed the underserved, vulnerable, and homeless populations through partnerships with local Miami restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries.

Health in the Hood
Health in the Hood's goal is to connect low-income families with healthy, free, local food by transforming vacant land into vegetable gardens and teaching wellness workshops.

Joshua’s Heart
Joshua's Heart strives to eliminate hunger through access to healthy and nutritious foods, youth education, and community advocacy.

Kakes For Kids
Kakes 4 Kids provides birthday cakes and celebrations for foster and underprivileged children.

La Appetite
La Appetite provides food, clothing, personal essentials, contact information for referral services, and educational pamphlets for Miamians in need.

Rethink Food, Inc.
Founded in 2017, Rethink Food is a nonprofit organization with the mission to create a more sustainable and equitable food system. Rethink Food partners with more than 65 restaurants to provide about 50,000 meals weekly across six cities (New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, Washington, D.C, and Miami), seven days a week.

Seria Films
Sereia Films is a seafood education nonprofit. Through video storytelling and online content, Sereia Films highlights the problems and solutions facing our oceans.

Slow Food Miami
Slow Food Miami is an all-volunteer organization that helps build organic gardens for schools and communities across Miami-Dade County and educates people on better food choices.

Smoothies 4 Students
Smoothies 4 Students provides healthy food to students living in underserved communities.

Sprout is a three-tiered program and community-driven project designed to address food insecurity, education on healthy food, and job scarcity in South Dade.

Urban Oasis Project
Urban Oasis Project makes healthy, fresh local food accessible throughout Miami by hosting farmers' markets and other programs. 
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