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Girl Scout Cookies Go On Sale January 17 (Updated)

Break out your wallet because the world's cutest little green sales team is about to hit Miami's parks, shopping centers, and supermarkets to sell you boxes upon boxes of sugary treats.

That's right, Miami. Girl Scout Cookie season is here.

According to the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida, which serves Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, Girl Scouts will take to the streets to sell their wares from January 17 - February 17.

During that magical month, the Scouts will sell their addictive cookies to hoards of parents, friends, and those desperate people who buy them by the gross and freeze them away, much like squirrels do with acorns.

According to the Girl Scouts of the USA, the annual cookie sale isn't just a scheme to make money from the cuteness of children. The girls learn valuable life lessons like setting goals, working well with others, understanding customers, influencing others,

honesty, and reliability. Hmmm, sounds like we all could learn a lot by

selling cookies.

But our job is to buy them. The cookies sell for about $4 a box. However, if you're

not into mango, all the old-time classics are still available like Trefoils; Savannah Smiles; Thin Mints; Tag-a-Longs; Samoas; and Do-Si-Dos.


cookie monsters might also want to download the iPhone Girl Scout

Cookie Finder app, which promises to "scout out" every place where

cookies are being sold in your neighborhood. (Although the one review we

read called it the "worst app ever.")

The Mango Creme cookie is not available in south Florida. According to Lance Balding, chief development and communication officer at Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida, Inc., the Girl Scouts contract two different bakeries, to avoid any monopolies in their $790 million business. Each baker must provide the five core cookies, as well as up to three others. The bakery that makes the  mango and coconut-flavored cookie serves Orlando and points north.

The Mango Creme cookie, made with NutriFusion, an organic additive derived from fruits and plants. The NutriFusion is

tasteless and adds antioxidants and vitamins like vitamins A, C, D, E,

B1, B2 etc. to the cookie, as well as extending the shelf-life of the

treat. The Mango Cremes contain no trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, or

preservatives, so it might be worth a drive to Orlando to pick up a few boxes. 

We also asked Balding why, oh, why, with all the mass cookie hysteria that goes along with Girl Scout selling season do these adorable girls in green not just sell cookies year round?  His reply? "Girl Scouts are in business to develop girls...not to sell cookies. Cookies are a specific program - part of the curriculum of Girl Scouting. Upon completion of the program, girls learn skills, earn badges and awards, and then move on to their next program for further development. " Our advice?  Clear space in your freezer and hoard those Thin Mints away.

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