Giraffas' Speedy Brazilian Fare Coming Soon to Midtown

In what can be only described as a love child between a churrasco and a fast food joint, Giraffas quicker alternative to Brazilian fare has a long, successful history in its motherland of Brazil. The flagship store here in the states, located at 1821 NE 123rd Street in North Miami, has been operating now for only a little under six months. Owners soon plan to introduce themselves to the residents of Midtown, on Friday, April 27.

According to U.S. marketing manager, Carlos Vanegas, it's a hybrid between fast and casual dining, infused with your favorite Brazilian flavors. "The North Miami diner is more or less, a test lab," says Vanegas, "for us to be sure that the Midtown location is near perfect."

So what can you expect from Giraffas? Well, maybe the slightly unexpected. Even though it technically is considered fast casual dining, the interior simply doesn't resemble it. Bright and cheery colors engulf every square inch of Giraffas, and retro sphere lights fall from the ceiling. They even won the first-place award in design at the 2012 National Retail Federation competition. But it's not all neon eye candy, Giraffas actually serves up some pretty decent eats, for a fast food joint

"We have some healthy options on the menu," says Vanegas, "But we definitely serve up red meat, and we make no apologies for that."

See the red meat for yourself, at the biggest hamburger match-up, this side of the Mississippi. The Grind, which Short Order is helping to sponsor, will be a showcase of the best 30 burgers offered in Miami. It won't be the kind of competition where you can simply write your name on a ballot. All of these candidates were hand selected. "One of the judges from this event came in here, tried the burger, and was so impressed with us, that he invited us to be a part of it," said Vanegas.

Other noteworthy menu items include Brazilian staples such as, sliced picanha and maminha steaks served with chimichurri, and shrimp and qunioa salads.

Lunches at Giraffas range anywhere from only $8 to $15 for any item. Tack on a Brazilian beer or a glass of wine, for only a few bucks more.

Midtown's busy residents will also appreciate the speed of delivery that Giraffas boasts. Local professionals in the area, who only have less than 30 minutes to eat but still desire a decent meal will eat Giraffas right up! Pun intended.

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Sara Tayte
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