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Giorgio Rapicavoli Makes Food Network Debut on Chopped Tomorrow

660 at the Angler's very own chef Giorgio Rapicavoli will be making his Food Network debut tomorrow at 10 p.m. on Chopped.

"While one chef appears to have a clearer plan than the other in the final round, whose [...] dessert will taste better?" the episode's description says. A nail-biting cliff-hanger, if you ask us.

Entitled "Far Far Out!", this episode will be the third of Chopped's tenth season. While the outcome of the episode won't be revealed until the final gut-wrenching moments of the hour-long program tomorrow, we were able to get a few sneak peek details on it. (Okay, okay, these facts are easily found on the Chopped episode guide -- but hey, we did all the leg work for you.)

For the appetizer round, we found out one of the mystery ingredients will be a "processed food." Completely vague clue, Food Network, but we get it ... it's supposed to be a surprise.

As for the entree, far far (an Indian snack food) and squab (also commonly known as pigeon) are two of the mystery ingredients that the chefs will have just 30 minutes to work with. The dessert round's secrets include corn flakes, which will [perhaps] add that quintessential crunch factor that the Chopped judges know and love. Who knows what Rapicavoli had up his sleeve that day, though (or if he, in fact, made it to the dessert round).

Along with the other three competing chefs, Rapicavoli had to utilize a dash of experience, a pinch of creativity, and a bucket load of hope to work with the unknown ingredients in the mystery baskets.

"I really enjoyed the challenge of working with unfamiliar ingredients," he says. "It forced me to really think outside the box and approach them in ways I hadn't thought of before."

We asked the chef what his initial reaction was to the casting call.

"It was a little ironic being asked to participate on Chopped being that I had never even watched a full episode". Clearly, his lack of watching hours didn't stop him, "One of the main reasons I competed on the show was so that my mom could finally get the opportunity to watch me on the Food Network."

It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist or a Chopped champion to know that win or lose, Mom (and all of chef's native Miami) will be very proud.

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