Ginnybakes, Miami-Based Organic Treat Sensation, Rolls Out Scrumptious Vegan Cookies and Bars

If you're a celiac, a vegan, a vegetarian, a nutritarian, lactose intolerant, oat intolerant, or do your damnedest to keep kosher, you may have had more than one opportunity to moan about how there's nothing delicious to eat in this world. For me, a plant-based vegan, the feeling has arisen now and then, usually when I'm hungry and at a birthday party where everyone is eating big, gooey pieces of chocolate cake or the like. But now Ginnybakes, a Miami-based company -- and an adorable one at that -- is stepping in to give picky eaters a slew of delicious dessert options in fresh-baked, prepackaged, or ready-to-bake mix form.

Ginny Simon, creator of Ginnybakes, is a Miami mom of four who never worked a full-time job before she founded her own company in 2010. With her sons full-grown and a sudden wealth of free time on her hands, the health-minded matriarch earned a certification as a holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She began working with clients, many of whom sought yummy foods that would not ignite their various food sensitivities.

No longer a stay-at-home mom, but apparently unable to resist the instinct to nurture, Simon began experimenting with organic and gluten-free ingredients to create bake mixes her clients could safely and happily whip into cookies at home. The response to her creations was so positive and the demand for her homespun mixes so high that she took the plunge and created a line of gluten-free bake-at-home products for commercial sale. This led to her opening a full-blown baking facility in Miami in 2011.

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Camille Lamb Guzman is a journalist who writes on wellness, travel, and culture. She is also finishing a book of creative nonfiction.