Gingerbread Gangnam, LeBron, Honey Boo Boo and More: How Sweet Was 2012!

2012 has been a wild ride. It was good, it was bad - it was horrific. And like every year, we were utterly enthralled by various celebrities (human and animal) and often absurd antics. How much work productivity this year was lost on Googling Grumpy Cat memes and watching Gangnam Style parodies?

So to commemorate the last 352 days, Short Order put our grade school craft skills to work and recreated five of 2012's pop culture personalities ... in gingerbread. Here's hoping they leave a better taste in our mouth than spaghetti with ketchup. (Thanks for the memories, Honey Boo Boo.)

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If there's one pop culture phenomenon we'd be hard pressed to forget, it's Gangnam Style. The macarena of the 00's, this so-catchy-it-makes-us-sick dance hit shot Psy into superstardom, and spawned 297,908 spin-off versions (Working Farmer Style *might* just be our favorite).

This year saw the rise of everyone's favorite go-go juice swilling beauty queen, Honey Boo Boo. We had to "redneckognize" her inarguable influence on the year's pop culture landscape ... for better or worse.

The Ikea money might be the year's cutest internet sensation. Either way, we feel for the little guy, now living in a cage at a sanctuary, no sherpa coat or Swedish meatballs in sight.

Our hometown hero: King James. Olympic medal winner, NBA MVP and Miamian extraordinaire. The dude might just be King Midas.

Women the world over will forever remember Ryan Lochte in his Speedo as the highlight of London 2012. 'Nuff said.

And for your amusement, our epic fail of the day, an attempt at Grumpy Cat:

He's grumpy cuz he's got Peeps instead of eyes.

All gingerbread fanfare by Laine Doss and Hannah Sentenac.

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