Gilt City Tequila Dinner at Kane Steakhouse: Meat, Booze, and Lee Schrager

Gilt City chief lifestyle adviser, Lee Schrager, hosted a tequila tasting dinner at Kane Steakhouse Tuesday evening, as part of his curated dinner series for the lifestyle website. Co-hosting the dinner was Kane co-owner Matthew Glazier.

We were invited to sit in on the event. Since we had never been to one of Schrager's Gilt City events, we were curious to see if the dinner was worth the $117 price tag ... and to see if Schrager was an active participant and host.

Schrager was, in fact, there throughout cocktails and most of the

dinner (he did excuse himself as dessert was ending). Sitting at the

head of the table, he introduced himself to everyone and headed

discussions, mostly about food.

We were looking for some insider

gossip about celebrity chefs behaving badly at the South Beach Wine

& Food Festival, but Schrager was tight-lipped about that. Instead,

he did chat about his favorite pastry joint (Buena Vista Deli), Miami

ten years ago ("My parents came to visit and said, 'You live here?'"), and an upcoming dinner planned for Michelle Bernstein's Crumb on Parchment.


Becraft from the Patron Spirits Company was also on hand to describe

the six different tequilas offered, noting the differences in source,

distilling, and aging of each one.

In conclusion, was the Gilt

City dinner worth the $117 price tag? We'd say a qualified "yes" -- if

you like to dine in a communal setting.

If, however, you're on a

date, you might want to make more intimate dinner reservations -- lest

Mr. Schrager monopolize your significant other with tales of the perfect


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