"Giddy Up" to Lost and Found's Don't Call It a Happy Hour Happy Hour

Place: The Lost and Found Saloon
185 NW 36th St., Miami

Hours: "Giddy Up" Monday through Saturday 3 to 7 p.m. and Sunday 3 to 10 p.m.

Deals: $3.50 beers, $5.50 wines by the glass, and $3 tacos.

Scene: As far as we know, there's only one "Giddy Up" hour among the hundreds of happy hours in Miami, and that's at the Lost and Found Saloon. OK, so the name is a legal thing, but we like to think it's a testament to the quirkiness of the Southwestern-style restaurant barely big enough to support a bar and perpendicular dining room.

The place features a Western/modern saloon décor that we didn't even know existed, but we're glad it does (we dare say the small dining area next to the bathrooms is the coolest nook to eat a burrito in all of Miami). The mixture of presentation and substance extends to the alcoholic beverages and food as well. The place doesn't swamp you with options either; there are only three draft brews on the menu, but they're spot-on with regard to taste. The Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar tastes as good as it sounds.

The same goes for the food menu. The burritos are tasty for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with choice of a dizzying array of cheeses and add-ons. Lechón lovers should order the pulled pork posse club burrito. And whatever you do, don't forget the Baja chicken enchilada soup.

Conclusion: You know how you feel when you find a place that serves great food and drinks but few people know about it? Well, that's not Lost and Found. It's been found by too many people. But you still get that feeling when you're there. It's just far enough off the beaten path to probably never be as popular as it should be.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.