Get Your Memorial Day Drunk Going with Magic Hat's New Brews

If you want to be a jerk about it, summer is still 23 days away. But c'mon ... Are we really gonna wait till the sun hits its northernmost point before descending into a serious solstice drunk? Nope.

And the Magic Hat Brewing Company isn't waiting either. The Vermont-based beer factory's been pumping out its Summer Scene Variety Pack for the last month, slipping the good stuff into supermarket coolers for early starters like us. In all, you get a dozen that includes the revered Magic Hat #9 and three new brews: Blind Faith, Wacko, and Wild Ginger Ale.

The Blind Faith is an "English-style IPA with a real nice malt body and the hops to match," explains Magic Hat head brewer and booze scientist Matt Cohen. "We use cascade hops which gives it a real nice citrus aroma." In contrast, Wacko Summer Seasonal is a sweet, deep red beer femented from "Belgian beet candy sugar and real beet juice." Then last, there's the Wild Ginger Ale from the Odd Notion Series -- a bottle of spicy, smooth, yet sharp suds made with real ginger that Cohen likes to call "unique, irreverent, distinctive."

So yeah ... We don't what the calendar says. We're following Magic Hat's lead. Let's slug six for an early summer.

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