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Summer is coming to a close, and the three-month-long ritual of placing Halloween décor on store shelves has begun. Holding on to the last vestiges of summertime has long been honored among a small group of our friends through an activity we like to call "drunk rascal camping." (Closeup of furrowed brows and intrigued yet confused faces.)

We've all heard of camping and glamping, which normal (read: boring) people do when they're tired of the indoors. But, my friends, there is a happy alternative to the latter. A camping style that lets us regress to our happiest primal selves and truly become one with nature. No tents or cabins. Just you with a drink in your hand and liquor-covered food to chow down on. This is, unequivocally, drunk rascal camping at its finest, and it's highfalutin fun!

It begins with alcohol and, appropriately, ends with alcohol. And there is alcohol all the way through. We should note we're not advocating dangerous levels of consumption, only the happy frivolity it can bring those of legal age when imbibed in moderate excess.

There is no need for agonizing planning -- the rules are quite simple. Gather as much alcohol as possible, a group of good friends, and a couple of edible essentials to last through the night.

Drunk Rascal Camping Essentials
trunkful of the good stuff
1 package of franks
1 loaf of crusty bread
1 hunk of good cheese (only if you're feeling fancy)
s'mores ingredients (chocolate bars, graham crakers, and marshmallows, but you already knew that)

Boozer Bangers

1/2 cup honey
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons sesame oil
slosh of whatever alcohol you have on hand

Take your package of franks and chuck them into a plastic zipper bag with the above marinade. Plop these bangers into a foil casing and throw them in the grill/campfire/oven for 10 to 15 minutes. Out will come the most tantalizing franks your befuddled buds have ever tasted.

If you want a quick and cheesy side, wrap a wheel of cheese with a few generous glugs of beer or wine in foil to warm up on the coals. The cheese will become deliciously gooey. Sop everything up with some fire-toasted hunks of bread, and you have a quick and tasty meal to bring you back on your feet. Sweeten things up with this twist on the classic s'mores.

White Chocolate S'mores

You know how s'mores work. You use some crunchy graham crackers to sandwich some gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate into a heavenly little mouthful. But this is drunk rascal camping, right? Right?! So dip those marshmallows in your favorite firewater and set them aflame. We are in nature after all. So kick back and have a little fun.

Cool everything off with a cold swig of whatever is on hand, because you deserve it. We salute you, our fellow tipsy, muddled, and sloshed-up friends. You're officially drunk rascal camping with the best of them, and we're proud of you.

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