I have so much love to give.

Gay Speed Dating at Java Boys

Serious serial monogamy

There have always been things to love about Java Boys in Wilton Manors. Besides the best mocha in the world (seriously: everybody else skimps on the chocolate), Java Boys has pretty good pound cakes, comfy sofas, a friendly clientele, and a ceiling lined with televisions tuned at all times to such fabulously fabulous entertainments as Some Like It Hot, rebroadcasts of Cher’s farewell concert(s), and Kylie Minogue music videos that you’ve never ever seen before.

Now, alas, comes Singles Mingles: speed dating for gay dudes. In case you don’t know Speed Dating, it’s an event during which you have multiple (sometimes 20!), consecutive, three-minute dates with people who may well be your soulmate. It’s not a practice that’s caught on much in Wilton Manors (those of us who live here don’t need a special occasion for a three-minute date), but if you haven’t tried it, do. Call 954-564-8828‎ for more info.

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-- Brandon Thorp

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