Gastropod, Ingrid Hoffmann Top List of Local Tweeters

Twitter is a meeting place for consumers and professionals alike to share thoughts and information in less than 140 characters; all it takes is an idea and its delivery. Chefs are taking up Twitter full force across the nation and Miami is no exception. After all, the restaurant business is all about interacting with guests. Here is a random list of some of our local home-growns actively tweeting.

Just for kicks we've added the number of followers and people following when we signed on. Anybody we should add? Leave a note in the comments section.

Michelle Bernstein, Michy's, Senorita Maritnez, 59 following 1041 followers

Norman Van Aken, Norman's, Norman's 180, 116 following 1,599 followers

Justin Van Aken, Norman's 180, 39 following 92 followers

Michael Schwartz, Michael's Genuine Food and Drink, 185 following 934 followers

Ingrid Hoffmann, 367 following 1,731 followers

Hedy Goldsmith, Michael's Genuine Food and Drink, 85 following 244 followers

Jeremiah Bullfrog , GastroPod, 642 following 1702 followers

John Critchley, Area 31 the Epic Hotel, 199 following 416 followers

Richard Hales, Sakaya Kitchen, 63 following 517 followers

Joshua Marcus, Chow Down Grill, 64 following 96 followers

Patricio Sandoval, Mercadito, 373 following 302 followers

Patricio Sandoval, Mercadito, 177 following 205 followers

Sugarcane Raw Bar & Grill, 268 following 788 followers

Chef Brian Aaron, 900 following 355 followers

Andrea Curto- Randazzo, Talula, 86 following 244 followers

Jeff McInnis, GiGi's, 0 following 170 followers

Peter Vauthy, Red Steak House, 932 following 688 followers

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Aniece Meinhold