Full Moon This Weekend: Jeff McInnis's Melon, Cucumber, and Heirloom Tomato Salad Recipe

No stews or soups this time of year! Chef Jeff McInnis is sharing the perfect summer recipe -- ​light, flavorful, and exploding with all the colors of the season. Yeah, the sorbet takes a little technical know-how, and finding verjus and gelatin sheets might prove a little challenging, but the rest is as simple as it gets. And no surprise here: This recipe provides a liquid nitrogen injection option for those so inclined.

(Also, if you have nothing to do this Saturday night, check out McInnis's stomping ground, the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, for its popular Full Moon Party. Guests can expect reduced-priced signature cocktails, DJ Edwin Adams spinning lounge music, high-tech telescopes, and the typical lunacy one expects on South Beach.)

Melon, Cucumber, Heirloom Tomato Salad With Mint, Lemon, Tomato Water Gelée, and Yogurt Sorbet

Yields 10 portions


1 ea. juice of lemon

1 ea. juice of lime

1/2 ea. juice of orange

1/4 oz. fresh ginger, minced fine

1 oz. yuzu juice

4 oz. water

5 oz. extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


70 melon balls of cantaloupe

70  melon balls of honeydew

70 melon balls of watermelon

1 ea. European cucumber, sliced

1 pint (about 2 cups) heirloom, grape, cherry, or teardrop tomatoes

edible flowers of all colors, to taste

1/4 head fennel, shaved fine on slicer

25 leaves mint, sliced thin

Tomato Water Gelee

12 large red ripe tomatoes

1 T sugar

1 t salt

2 T white verjus

30 sheets gelatin

Yogurt Sorbet

2.2 lb. yogurt

10 oz. sugar

5 oz. water

1 ea. zest of lemon

pinch salt

For the sorbet:
Heat the water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved completely, and mix together with the yogurt and zest. Spin in ice-cream machine or whisk in equal parts liquid nitrogen.

For the vinaigrette:

Juice all citrus and mix well with all ingredients.

For the salad:
Cut and scoop all the melons, cucumber, and tomatoes and toss all ingredients together with the vinaigrette. Finish the salad with a big scoop of yogurt sorbet, and garnish with flowers.

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