FroYo From Coco Limon: Birthday Month Just Got A Little Lighter

Birthday Month, every office has one. The term, named by the office birthday expert Pam Beesly, refers to 'that' month when there is a birthday in the office nearly every other day. This often translates into being crammed into the kitchen eating sheetcake under a fluorescent light followed by the obligatory, 'Why did I have two slices of that?' guilt for the rest of the day. This cycle repeats and can leave workers with countless sugar crashes and an extra five pounds.

Luckily for Coral Gables offices, a new frozen yogurt shop called Coco Limon now delivers a healthier option -- frozen yogurt and fresh toppings -- straight to your office for your birthday month. In addition to containing less calories than most cakes, Coco Limon's froyo flavors are certified Kosher, do not contain high fructose corn syrup (except Cookies & Cream as there is HFCS in the Oreo Cookies) and most are gluten free (except for Red Velvet Cake, Cake Batter, and Cookies & Cream).

Many offices have already started using the service and according to the froyo shop's owner, Paul Wright, Coco Limon already receives about 15 orders a week to be delivered around Coral Gables. Wright says that the typical office birthday order for 10-15 people is three 32-oz. containers of froyo ($10 each) with an assortment of three to five sides ($1.50 each). He says the most popular flavors are dulce de leche, Nutella and the Culture Classic; the most requested toppings -- fresh strawberries, crushed Oreos and rainbow sprinkles.

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We tried out the order with an office in the Gables and the goods were eaten right up and a well received change from the norm. Right now, the best way to order the frozen yogurt for your office party is to call Coco Limon directly, though Wright confirmed that the website will have full order online capability shortly.

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