From Triscuits to Basil in Two Weeks

Remember the excitement when you dug around for the prize in the Cracker Jacks box? Well, now there's a healthy way to relive the experience. There is a "green prize" in your Triscuit box. It seems every consumer product is jumping on the "green" bandwagon these days and Triscuit is no exception with its plantable basil card inside the box.

As part of the Home Farming Movement, in which consumers are to "experience the simple joy of growing your own vegetables and herbs," select boxes include seed cards for the amateur gardener.

I didn't see any boxes with vegetables, though. It was all basil, so some seed supplier is probably basking in fields of another kind of green. Fortunately I love basil, and grabbing a box off the shelf I head home like a 7-year-old with a new science project.

The seed card is on the back of the box and the instructions are easy to follow. First you soak the card in water, plant it in a small pot with soil, place in your windowsill and watch it grow.

It worked and in 2 weeks, I had some great basil to make my bruschetta topping.

Served on Triscuits of course...

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