Friendly Liqueurs That Help You Digest

Our friend, the Cocktail Mia has done yet another public service. Apart from teaching us new and clever ways to imbibe, she has compiled a list of digestifs to help us deal with our bulbous T-Day bellies. These friendly beverages help turn your heavy stomach into a happy one.

This ole school digestif uses apple cider as a base and has "subtle warm spices."

Anis del Mono & Sambuca
Both are herbal liquers made with anise, a white-flowered annual widely used for centuries for its medicinal and culinary properties.

Harlem Liqueur & Jagermeister
Kräuterlikör is a German category of beverages that has been used for eons to settle tummies full of kraut and bratwurst and includes both of these bad boys on its list.

Averno Amaro
In Italy this bitter herbal liqueur helps stomachs process the pasta. The Mia Cocktalian advises us to "squeeze in a slice of orange and let Averna work its magic."

Each of these liqueurs has a rich and interesting history.

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